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What our clients are saying...

Wish we could give her more than 5-stars! Rhonda transformed our 1970’s time capsule into a custom French Country rustic themed modern home and we couldn’t be more pleased! Every inch of our home was touched in a complete home re-model that Rhonda tackled with confidence and skill. We were delighted that she was able to integrate most of our existing décor and furniture into the final product. Her resourcefulness in obtaining quality materials from unexpected places saved us thousands of dollars while at the same time exceeding all our expectations. She meticulously planned the entire duration of the project and leveraged skilled hands at the right place and time to maximize efficiency. She always kept the momentum going and just about every day resulted in noticeable progress. There is no doubt that if we’d chosen anybody else, our home re-model would have resembled a typical bland development residential home that lacked charm and character. Fortunately, Rhonda’s attention to detail combined with her skill delivered an eye-popping home that we feel could be featured in Southern Living or other well-known home magazine! She truly is brilliant at this stuff! The re-model resulted in several challenges that threatened to de-rail the project, but Rhonda swiftly came up with solutions that resulted in something better than what the original plan depicted. We delayed our re-model for over six years due to unwillingness to undergo such a headache and inconvenience. Plus, we were uncertain of what we wanted and where to begin. Rhonda made all this super easy for us and we’re sorry we didn’t meet her six years ago! And now, after four months, we have both a wonderful new home and a new friend. Thank you Rhonda!Read More

I have enjoyed working with Rhonda. She listens carefully and is open to suggestions. I admired her ability to find products at a reasonable price. She brought innovative ideas that we used throughout the home, including light fixtures, flower arrangements, indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, and a cadre of helpful and courteous installers. I would not hesitate to recommend her.Read More

For several years my sister Vanette would try and get me to pick out paint for her living room. It never seemed to gel for us. One night late she brought me yet another paint palette. I went on line looking for a decorator in Seguin and found Rhonda. Rhonda came in with knowledge and confidence and recommendations we hadn’t even thought about. She jump started Vanette to move forward with confidence to do this painting after years of indecision. So much so, Vanette repainted the whole interior and exterior of the house AND also decided to buy new furniture. What Rhonda brought to us was trusted resources every step of the way including painters, furniture, electricians, plumbers, countertop masons, and so much more. Rhonda was also there to meet the contractors and answer questions and help put the house back together after everything was done. When you decide to make an investment in your home after 20 years, it was great to have Rhonda every step of the way. Thank you Rhonda. The house is beautiful. After 20 yrs, the house is now my home completely repainted, refurnished and accessorized.Read More

Rhonda is such a talented and creative designer! She designed several wreaths for the holidays and they turned out so beautiful!! They are a work of art and I will treasure them for years to come. Thank you Rhonda for you making them so perfect!!!Read More

Rhonda has helped make my great room come together. I moved into a new home and wanted to get a new look. She helped bring my old and new furniture and decor together. I'm a modern girl and she didn't hesitate to keep the look.. What a fab combo.Read More

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